Writing a Medical Research Paper (Basic course)

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This basic course will enable you to write a basic research paper including data analysis. This contains

  1. An Introduction to Research Methods
  2. Research Methods
  3. Understanding Research Pyramid
  4. Introduction to Research Designs & Cross-Sectional Study
  5. Review Studies
  6. Controlled Trials
  7. Case-Control, Cohort, and Longitudinal Studies
  8. Searching the Literature
  9. MeSH & MeSH-on-Demand
  10. Selecting a topic / Research Question / Research Problems
  11. Objectives
  12. Hypothesis
  13. Writing Introduction Section – Research Articles
  14. Sampling Techniques
  15. Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria
  16. Operational Definitions
  17. Referencing using Mendeley or Endnote
  18. Writing Material & Methods including Statistical Analysis
  19. Sample Size Calculation for Research Studies
  20. Building Questionnaire
  21. Data Collection using Google Forms
  22. Basic SPSS Videos and Compiling Results
  23. Writing Results Section
  24. Discussion Section
  25. Conclusion Section
  26. Abstract Writing
  27. Using Grammarly, Quillbot, and Quetext
  28. Checking Plagiarism using Turnitin
  29. Submitting the article in Journal
  30. Study Reporting Guidelines
  31. Ethical Boards / Institutional Review Boards

This course also covers the steps for selecting the journal, submitting the paper, and understanding the steps of the review process.