Writing a Medical Research Paper (Basic course)

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This basic course will enable you to write a basic research paper including data analysis. This contains

  • An Introduction to Research Methods
  • Research Methods
  • Understanding Research Pyramid
  • Introduction to Research Designs & Cross-Sectional Study
  • Review Studies
  • Controlled Trials
  • Case-Control, Cohort, and Longitudinal Studies
  • Searching the Literature
  • MeSH & MeSH-on-Demand
  • Selecting a topic / Research Question / Research Problems
  • Objectives
  • Hypothesis
  • Writing Introduction Section – Research Articles
  • Sampling Techniques
  • Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria
  • Operational Definitions
  • Referencing using Mendeley or Endnote
  • Writing Material & Methods including Statistical Analysis
  • Sample Size Calculation for Research Studies
  • Building Questionnaire
  • Data Collection using Google Forms
  • Basic SPSS Videos and Compiling Results
  • Writing Results Section
  • Discussion Section
  • Conclusion Section
  • Abstract Writing
  • Using Grammarly, Quillbot, and Quetext
  • Checking Plagiarism using Turnitin
  • Submitting the article in Journal
  • Study Reporting Guidelines
  • Ethical Boards / Institutional Review Boards

This course also covers the steps for selecting the journal, submitting the paper, and understanding the steps of the review process.