FCPS-ONE Preparation3000Details
Joint Centralized Admission Test (JCAT) Exam Preparation (FOR MD.MS in PUNJAB) March 2024 Attempt2500Details
Biostatistics, Community Medicine and Ethics CPSP Past Questions with Explanations in FCPS One155Details
UHS / Nishtar Entry Test For M.Phil. Diploma and Masters (Complete Course)1000Details
Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) (WMO / MO) Answers to the Questions500Details
Writing Synopsis (for KEMU Candidates)2000Details
Writing Synopsis (for University of Health Sciences (UHS) Candidates)2000Details
Writing Synopsis (for CPSP Candidates)2000Details
Data Collection & Analysis for research purposes using SPSS – Statistical Package for the Social Sciences2000Details
Writing a Medical Research Paper (Basic course)5000Details